Visualization - SCADA

SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) is a common name for control systems designed to monitor, control and capture data of various technological processes with a computer.
SCADA in mining represents the user interface for graphical or tabular display of measurements. It displays the status of the entire system in the mine, individual segments of the mine, or a display of the status of individual measurement devices.
Through the communication line and interface, the data is transferred to the control center, where the user interface processes it and displays it accordingly on the screens.

With the user interface, we can set the desired parameters of measuring devices and measuring stations (measurement type, measuring range, alarm limits, etc.), thus influencing the mode of operation of the system.
Through the user interface, we can, in the form of graphs, view the recorded values of measurements and triggered digital outputs.

Triggered errors or exceeded alarm limits (current or historical) are displayed both tabularly and graphically.
Alerting can be done via sound signals, sending e-mails, or SMS.
As the situation in the coal mine is constantly changing, our user interface allows users to create and change control screens themselves.
The interface is designed to allow the user to create any number of control screens, to which he then adds the desired views of the coal mine, measurement devices and measuring stations.
Our user interface works on all platforms (Windows, Android, Linux, MacOS) and on all smart devices (tablet, PC, smartphone).