Belt conveyor – automation

Belt conveyor automatization system:

  • system which increase safetiness – belt conveyor
    • pull rope switch
    • emergency shut down of the belt
    • missaligment switch
  • system which shows status of belt conveyor
    • transfer point sensor
    • belt speed sensor
    • belt break sensor
    • other...


  • If any sensor is pulled or pushed the belt conveyor is stoped...
  • Checking of specific area must be done...
  • Removing the reason is necessary to start up the conveyor again

Belt conveyor automation system

  • full control of the mining processes
  • increase safety
  • decrease possibility of equipment breakdowns
  • cut infrastructure and maintenance costs


2 diferent types :
  • Ex equipment M2 (methane hazard)
  • non Ex equiment (other, also industry)