Developing, mass production and assembly of PCB´s
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In factory where they use explosive gases and dust, exist the possibility that the explosive elements are released into air. Mixture of air and explosive elements can create the explosive atmosphere and can explode if the ignition source is present. Based on our rich and long-term experiences in that field we can offer you coordination and solution in accordance with current legislation.
  • Coordination with current legislation
    • Help with internal regulations
    • Risk assessment reports
    • Catalogue arrangements of Ex devices
    • Review and measurement of Ex devices and installations
    • Service of Ex devices and installations
    • Counseling by realizations, maintenances and purchasing of Ex devices
  • Electrical project documentation and automation.
  • Studies of explosive safety

Products & solutions

  • Project management
  • Classification of areas where explosive atmospheres may occur
  • Selection of equipment and protective systems
  • Identifying areas where explosive atmospheres may occur
  • Planning and commissioning of lighting systems in Ex field
  • Planning and commissioning of control system elements in hazardous areas
  • Automation and monitoring processes in hazardous areas
  • Monitoring and control of vehicles carrying dangerous / explosive substances
  • Fire alarm systems in hazardous areas
  • Gas detection systems in hazardous areas