Domestic gas detector CANARY

CANARY is an electronic device for detection of explosive gases (propane-butane and natural gas) that are being used in domestic housework. It can detect very small explosion concentrations. When the alarm level is exceeded, the device mediates light and sound signal. Until the gas is present, the alarm keeps howling. Canary should be mounted near the source of the potential gas leak. 

There are two types of Canary: 
  • Canary without relay 
  • Canary with relay


The device connects to a power supply (230 VAC) through connection wire with the plug. When the device is connected, 4 phases take place: 
  • TEST: For approx. 3 seconds the piezzo beeper switches on, and then the green, red and orange LED diode are flashing in 1 second interval.
  • O.K.: If the device works properly and there is no explosive gas present, the green LED diode is blinking.
  • ALARM: When the alarm level is exceeded, the sound signal beeps and red LED diode is blinking. If the concentration of the explosive gas is still rising, the speed of beeping and the red LED diode blinking will increase. As long the explosive gas is present, the alarm will continuously sound. When the concentration of gas falls, the alarm is shut down automatically. 
  • FAULT: In case of malfunction on a sensor, the audible signal will be beeping together with the orange LED diode. The device is not working properly. It needs to be serviced or replaced.